3 Layered Vastu Pyramid | 2 Inches Feng Shui Pyramid | Metal Pyramid 3 Layered Suitable for Table in Home & Office

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Product Information

There is a total of 91 pyramids out of which 81 pyramids are very small covered by 9 other pyramids which are medium in size and 1 largest pyramid which covers all other pyramids which are small and medium. 3 Layered Vastu Pyramid’s power can help you generate a lot of positive energy and maintain internal harmony. Orgonite pyramids aid in the building of your energy body by converting low-frequency energy into a higher frequency that is more helpful to life forms.

  • It protects you from cosmic energy.
  • It removes negativity and replaces it with optimism.
  • It assists you in living with complete confidence and a positive outlook.
  • It assists you in obtaining money and prosperity.
  • Metallic Vastu Pyramid makes life easier by removing hurdles.

Which type of pyramid is good for home?

One useful tool for removing evil and danger from your home and facilitating the flow of positive energy is a Vastu Shastra pyramid. Vastu pyramids not only absorb the negative energies of the moment, but also balance them out with positive energy.

What are the Benefits Metal Pyramid 3 Layered Suitable for Table in Home ?

This pyramid's latent powers produced invisible rays that had a positive impact on our daily lives and businesses. Keeping this Multi Layer Pyramid in your house, place of business, factory, shop, prayer room, and anywhere else money is exchanged or trades are done. It can assist in eradicating his misfortune and lack of wealth.

What are the Benefit 3 Layered Vastu Pyramid?

For all varieties of vastu rectification, three-layered vastu pyramids are frequently employed. They are thought to ward off evil energy and eliminate all incoming negative energy.

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