Pooja Jaleri for Shivling Stand, Brass Made Shiv Ji Ki Jaleri for Jalabhishek, Puja Tripai Lota Kalash Set for Shivji for Milk and Water Abhishek, Decorative Stand Showpiece Home Decor

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  • Brass religious Hindu God Idol Puja Bhakti Item is a good spiritual product. 2 piece set
  • You can also give it to your loved ones on certain occasions to make them feel loved and special.
  • Best for any small Shivling up to 3 inches tall Shiv God Idol or Shivling for Abhishek. This Shivlingam Stand is ideal for Shivlings ranging in height from 2 to 3.5 inches.
  • Dharmsaar Offers Products That Are Simple to Use and Reliable Over Time

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Product Information

Pooja Jaleri for Shivling Stand

Shivling Stand (13cm) with Abhishek Tripayi Lota Copper Kalash (4 Cm) Shivling Shiva Lingam Puja Abhishekam Patra (Set of 2) Tripai Lota Abhishek Stand Shiva Lingam Jalabhishekam Set.

Pooja Jaleri is a very important part of the puja of Lord Shiva where we offer water with the help of Jaleri, offering water to Lord Shiva fills the devotees or “Bhakts” with energy which comes in the form of blessings from the Lord Shiva and it is also believed that if offered water to Lord Shiva then one can be relieved from the cycle of life and death.

Now, let's talk more about what are the benefits of offering water to Lord Shiva by Shiv Ji Ki Jaleri.

Significance of Jaldhara Stand for Shivling

Jaldhara Stand for Shivling is an important part of puja performed for Lord Shiva as we know Shiva Linga is energized and releases strong vibrations when holy water is poured over Shiva Linga.

It is believed that Lord Shiva consumed the Halahala poison, which surfaced from the ocean, water or milk is said to be poured on the Shivling as a sign to calm and comfort His body.

How To Use Jaldhara Stand

When performing Abhishekam, a Shiva linga Abhishekam stand filled with water, milk, or a combination of the two is hung on a Shivling. Water or milk is said to be topped on the Shivling to calm and comfort His body because Lord Shiva is said to have taken in the Halahala poison that appeared during the "samundra manthana".

Features of Shiv Ji Ki Jaleri

  1. Ideal for any tiny Shiv God idol or Shivling for Abhishek

  1. Our Product is best for Shivlings Up to 3 inches in height.

  1. Shivlings that are between two and three-quarters of an inch tall are perfect for this Shivlingam Stand.

Best Direction to Place Shivling Stand

As we know, the north direction is associated with the energy of wealth, abundance, and prosperity so the best direction to place the Shivling Stand is the north direction as it will bring positivity and peace to our lives with the blessings of Lord Shiva. Jaleri comes up with a stand with Kalash that is used in pouring water on Shivling.

 Items used in Abhishekam of Lord Shiva

  1. Cow Ghee
  2. Cotton wicks
  3. Kumkum
  4. Agarbatti
  5. Scent
  6. Vibhuthi
  7. Puja Tripai Lota Kalash

Benefits of Pooja Jaleri

  1. It is believed that "Jal Abhishek" soothes Lord Shiva and fulfills the devotee's dreams and we can offer it with the help of Shiv Ji Ki Jaleri.

  1. Offering water to Lord Shiva is said to please him and helps in achieving "moksha," or freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

  1. Offering Shivling water results in the removal of bad energy and a gain of positive energy.

  1. Offering water to Lord Shiva helps them attain peace, calmness, and positivity in their lives.

Where To Find Shiv Ji Ki Jaleri?

You can find brass-made shiv ji ki jaleri on our very own “Dharmsaar” website, where you can find similar products that are related to Hindu Devi / Devtas which can be used for puja, and Feng Shui Products which are the perfect gift for your loved ones.


 In this article, we have discussed, that Pooja Jaleri is an important part of Lord Shiva's puja, during which we offer water to him with the help of Jaleri. It is believed that by offering water to Lord Shiva, one can be released from the cycle of life and death and that doing so fills the "Bhakts" with energy and blessings from the Lord.

On our website "Dharmsaar", where you can find products related to Hindu Devi / Devtas that can be used for puja, and Feng Shui products that are the perfect present for your loved ones. We can also use Shivling Stand for home for worshiping Lord Shiv at our indoors.

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