Sphatik Mala Original 108 Beads, Certified Pure Spahtik Crystal Quartz Jaap Mala for Pooja, Diamond Cut Transparent Stones

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Product Information

Sphatik Mala Original, also known as Quartz, is a white, gleaming, and clear stone. Diamond Cut Sphatik Mala is associated with Venus in Astrology. Quartz gemstones are popular among gem counselors because they enhance electrical and chemical levels in the body, relieve stress, and help in concentration.

  • Using a Sphatik crystal Mala Original improves mental focus, regulates body temperature, and relieves stress.
  • Diamond Cut Transparent Stones furthermore help to ease stress, and headaches and relieve pain and wisdom.
  • Wearing a Pure Spahtik Crystal Quartz Jaap Mala for Pooja assures a restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

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Original Diamond Cut Sphatik Mala

original and genuine product , best service

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