Hawan Kund | Hawan Patra for Yagya and Pooja in Home/Mandir

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Product Information

It is a copper worship item that comes with a copper stick. In this hawan kund, wood, dhoop, and ghee are burned. It comes with two copper handles that make it simple to hold and move the hawan kund from one location to another. It has a flat bottom that allows it to be easily placed on any flat surface.

Care Tips:

  • Hand-wash your copperware instead of using the dishwasher, as the detergent can cause oxidation and permanent damage.
  • At such times, use a solution of equal parts vinegar or lemon juice and salt diluted with some water, but don't use it on a regular basis. Steel wool and other scratchy cleaners should be avoided.
  • For daily use, a simple, soft cleaning liquid with a soap base, hot water, and a soft washing cloth are ideal.
  • To clean copper utensils, use Pitambri Shining Powder. Traditional cleaners like tamarind, lemon, and buttermilk are less effective. Hands are completely safe and gentle.


Q. 1 Hawan Kund Kaisa Hona Chahiye?

A Hawan kund should be designed in a specific way to ensure it functions properly. It should be constructed with fire-resistant materials and built on a clean, flat surface. The size and shape of the kund may vary based on the specific tradition or purpose for which it is being used. It's important to follow proper guidelines and rituals for preparing the Hawan kund before conducting any fire ceremony.

Q. 2 Cow Dung Uses in Hawan Kund?

Cow dung is a common material used in the preparation of a Hawan kund. It is believed to have purifying properties and is used to cleanse the surrounding area before the ceremony. The dung is mixed with water and formed into small cakes, which are then dried and used as fuel for the fire. The heat from the burning cow dung is said to activate the medicinal properties of the other herbs and ingredients used in the Hawan. Additionally, the smoke from the cow dung is believed to have antiseptic and insecticidal properties, which help to keep the area clean and free of pests.

Q. 2 Hawan Kund Ki Disha?

Hawan kund ki disha ka nirman pratyek parampara aur uddeshya ke anusaar alag ho sakta hai. Sabhi Dishaon Mein, Hawan kund ko Poorv Disha ya poorvottar disha mein rakha jaata hai, kyonki poorv disha surya ka mukh hoti hai aur is disha se prakriti ki urja aati hai. Iske alawa, hawan kund ko dakshin disha mein bhi rakha jaata hai kyunki dakshin disha pitruon ki disha hoti hai aur hawan unki yaad mein kiya jaata hai.

Sarvadhik upayukt disha poorvottar hai kyonki is disha se prakritik urja aati hai aur yeh agni ke liye anukool hai. Iske alawa, hawan kund ko poorv disha mein bhi rakh sakte hain. Diksha ke saath-saath, parampara aur uddeshya ka dhyaan rakh kar disha ka chunav kiya jaana chahiye.

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