Japa Mala Gomukhi Bag | Hare Krishna Printed Saffron Cotton Bag for Japa Mala | Best Quality Japa Mala Bag

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Product Information


Q. 1 Why Use Japa Mala Bag.

A Japa Mala bag is used to store and protect a Japa Mala, a string of prayer beads used in meditation and mantra recitation. The bag is typically made from silk or cotton and features a drawstring closure. Using a Japa Mala bag helps to keep the beads clean and free from damage, and provides a convenient way to transport the Mala for use during meditation practice.

Q. 2 How to Use Japa Mala Bag.

To use a Japa Mala bag, simply place your Japa Mala inside and pull the drawstring closure tight. Be sure to handle your Japa Mala with care, holding it by the beads rather than the tassel, and avoid touching the beads with dirty or oily hands. When you're not using your Japa Mala, store it inside the bag to keep it clean and protected.

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