Karz Mukti Yantra - Gold Plated | Premium Quality Yantra for Removing The Debt and Loan Problems | Rin Mukti Yantra | Pocket Size

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Product Information

The Karz Mukti Yantra is an extremely good debt-relief yantra. Karz Mukti Yantra Mukti yantra is very successful in eliminating an individual’s debt and loan troubles. It also brings and creates additional sources of income for debt repayment.

  • To be free of all financial debts, install and worship the Rin Mukti Bisa Yantra.
  • This Yantra is very versatile and full of opportunity
  • It aids in creating a favorable setting for timely debt repayment.
  • It brings a person’s life peace and joy.

How to Place the Karz Mukti Yantra in Your Home?

  • To begin, place the yantra on a metal plate.
  • Take a seat facing east.
  • Bathe the yantra in Gangajal
  • Clean it with a dry cloth.
  • Apply a tika of sandal paste to the Karz Mukti Yantra and place one tulsi leaf.
  • Chant god/ goddess mantra
  • Show Dhoop or Agarbatti to Yantra.

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