Shri Bhagyoday Yantra - Gold Plated to Grow Your Future | Premium Quality Dhatu Pocket Yantra | Effective Bhagyoday Yantra for Home

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Product Information

Shani mantra energizes Bhagyodaya Yantra. It brings good fortune and removes obstructions. This Yantra is procured when a person’s luck is favorable. Many times, despite one’s best efforts, one is unable to achieve success in life, business, the workplace, studies, and Sadhanas. This Yantra can change your fortune for the better.

  • One is successful in all of his major endeavors.
  • You’ll always have cash flowing in.
  • If your business is losing money, this Bhagyoday Yantra will undoubtedly bring you profit.
  • The Bhagyoday Yantra is a prosperity yantra that can be used to change one’s luck.
  • Bhagyodaya Yantra can be obtained when a person’s luck is in his or her favor.

How to Place the Bhagyoday Yantra in Your Home?

  • To begin, place the yantra on a metal plate.
  • Take a seat facing east.
  • Clean the yantra with Gangajal
  • Remove it with a dry cloth.
  • Apply a tika of sandal paste to the yantra and place one tulsi leaf on it so that it rests perfectly on the yantra.
  • Chant Om Hreem Bhaagyodayam Hreem Om – 108 times
  • Show Dhoop/Agarbatti to Yantra.
  • Offer Bhagyoday yantra some sweets, fruits, and other edibles.

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