Trikon Mangal Yantra | Pure Copper Triangular Mangal Yantra | Pocket Yantra for Manglik Dosh | Mars Copper Yantra

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Product Information

The Trikon Mangal Yantra is used to appease Mars. Mars is very important in a person’s planetary alignments. Trikon Mangal Yantra provides the mantra for happiness, good fortune, and prosperity in life. This yantra is used by people who have a negative Mars position in their birth chart/Kundli.

  • It increases the attaining enlightenment of the Siddh Mangal Yantra while decreasing its unfavorable effects.
  • Its measures assist the individual in becoming debt-free.
  • This yantra protects women during their pregnancy.
  • This Yantra is very beneficial in reducing the power of Manglik Dosha in the Kundli and, as a result, it can reduce the problems that are indicated by the negative effects of Manglik Dosha in the native’s married life.
  • It aids in the search for a compatible couple and a fulfilling married life.

How to Place the Trikon Mangal Yantra in Your Home?

  • The installation of the Mangal Yantra on Tuesday is worthy.
  • Place the Shri Trikon Mangal Yantra on a holy red cloth and face it east or north.
  • In front of the yantra, place a ghee lamp and incense sticks. Sweets or dry fruits can also be served as prasad.
  • Wash the yantra with Ganga water or milk on a regular basis.
  • In front of the yantra, chant the Mangal Bisa mantra 108 times – kra kri kraun kraun: bhoumay namah.

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