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Product Information

The Trikon Mangal Yantra is used to appease Mars. Mars is very important in a person’s planetary alignments. Trikon Mangal Yantra provides the mantra for happiness, good fortune, and prosperity in life. This yantra is used by people who have a negative Mars position in their birth chart/Kundli.

  • It increases the attaining enlightenment of the Siddh Mangal Yantra while decreasing its unfavorable effects.
  • Its measures assist the individual in becoming debt-free.
  • This yantra protects women during their pregnancy.
  • This Yantra is very beneficial in reducing the power of Manglik Dosha in the Kundli and, as a result, it can reduce the problems that are indicated by the negative effects of Manglik Dosha in the native’s married life.
  • It aids in the search for a compatible couple and a fulfilling married life.

How to Place the Trikon Mangal Yantra in Your Home?

  • The installation of the Mangal Yantra on Tuesday is worthy.
  • Place the Shri Trikon Mangal Yantra on a holy red cloth and face it east or north.
  • In front of the yantra, place a ghee lamp and incense sticks. Sweets or dry fruits can also be served as prasad.
  • Wash the yantra with Ganga water or milk on a regular basis.
  • In front of the yantra, chant the Mangal Bisa mantra 108 times – kra kri kraun kraun: bhoumay namah.

What Is the Trikon Mangal Yantra?

The Trikon Mangal Yantra is a sacred geometric design crafted from pure copper. Its triangular shape symbolizes balance, strength, and transformation. The Trikon Mangal Yantra, also known as the Copper Mangal Yantra or Trikon Yantra, is a geometric shape endowed with spiritual energy. Its triangle shape represents the trinity of mind, body, and spirit, and its intricate patterns correspond to the cosmic vibrations of the universe. But what makes this Yantra truly special? Let’s explore:

  • Appeasing Mars: Mars, the red planet, holds immense significance in Vedic astrology. The Trikon Mangal Yantra acts as a cosmic bridge, appeasing Mars and harmonizing its energies.
  • Harnessing Positive Vibes: Placing this yantra in your home or workplace invites positive vibrations. It aligns your aura with the fiery energy of Mars, promoting courage, determination, and vitality.
  • Benefit for Manglik Dosha: If Mars occupies an unfavorable position in your birth chart (Kundli), you might experience challenges related to relationships, health, or finances. The Trikon Mangal Yantra mitigates the malefic effects of Manglik Dosha, bringing relief and balance.

How Does Trikon Mangal Yantra Work?

  • Debt-Free Living: The Trikon Mangal Yantra aids in financial stability. Its energy encourages responsible financial practices, helping you become debt-free.
  • Protection During Pregnancy: For expectant mothers, this yantra acts as a protective shield. It ensures a safe and healthy pregnancy journey.
  • Marital Bliss: If Manglik Dosha affects your married life, fear not! The Trikon Mangal Yantra facilitates compatibility, leading to a fulfilling relationship.

Placing the Pure Copper Trikon Mangal Yantra into Home:

  • Auspicious Day: Tuesday is ideal for installing the Mangal Yantra.
  • Orientation: Place it on a holy red cloth, facing east or north.
  • Ritual: Light a ghee lamp and incense sticks in front of the yantra. Offer sweets or dry fruits as prasad.
  • Cleansing: Regularly wash the yantra with Ganga water or milk.
  • Chanting: Recite the Mangal Bija mantra 108 times: “kra kri kraun kraun: bhoumay namah.”

Benefits of the Pure Copper Trikon Mangal Yantra

Balancing forces: Placing the Trikon Mangal Yantra in your home aligns with the elemental forces, promoting balance and stability in your surroundings.

Protection & Security: The yantra's sacred geometry serves as a barrier against harmful forces, giving occupants a sense of security and peace of mind.

Enhanced Relationships: Relationships are strengthened by the Trikon Mangal Yantra, which promotes harmony and understanding.

Prosperity & Abundance: Using the Trikon Mangal Yantra brings an abundance of blessings into your life, paving the path for prosperity and success in all efforts.

Spiritual Growth: The yantra, as a meditation and spiritual practice instrument, promotes inner investigation and self-discovery, resulting in significant personal growth and enlightenment. 

How to Buy Pure Copper Trikon Mangal Yantra

When looking to purchase the Trikon Mangal Yantra, prioritize authenticity and quality. Choose reliable sellers like Dharmsaar who specializes in real Vedic antiques to ensure that your yantra is made of genuine pure copper and inscribed with sacred mantras. You can obtain the Trikon Mangal Yantra online. It's made of pure copper and emanates cosmic energy. Whether you're looking for spiritual harmony, protection, or prosperity, this yantra is your heavenly companion.

Incorporating the Trikon Mangal Yantra into your home is more than just décor; it is a significant step toward welcoming happiness, balance, and wealth into your life. Accept its ageless knowledge and let its incandescent light illuminate every aspect of your life. With the Trikon Mangal Yantra as your guide, you can open the doors to a prosperous and peaceful future.

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Trikon Mangal Yantra

It is very difficult to find Trikon Mangal Yantra and i get it from Dharmsaar and i order it and the service of the Dharmsaar is very good.

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