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Product Information


Material Pure Copper
Color Brown
Dimensions 10cm x 10cm x 0.1cm
Item Weight 70 grams
In Box 1 Unit Varun Yantra
Manufacturer Dharmsaar
Country of Origin Bharat


What is Varun Yantra?

Shri Varun Yantra is a powerful, substantial, and prosperous yantra, and devotees who worship it become strong, productive, rich, and powerful in their lives. It helps to attract great luck, love, adoration, and enjoyment into your life. It helps the worshipper achieve riches, well-being, and economic success in life.

Benefits of Shri Varun Yantra-

  • It provides a sense of protection.
  • It helps you make the best decisions you can in your life.
  • Varun Dev Yantra is exceptional since it surrounds you with positive energy.
  • It helps the worshipper to obtain wealth, style, accomplishment, and blessings.

How to Place the Shri Varun Yantra at Your Home?

  1. To begin, place the yantra on a metal plate.
  2. Then, place this Yantra in an east-facing direction
  3. Bathe the yantra in Gangajal
  4. Clean it with a dry cloth.
  5. Apply a tika of sandal paste to the yantra and place one tulsi leaf.
  6. Chant the Varun mantra.
  7. Show Dhoop or Agarbatti to Yantra.
  8. Offer Shri Varun Yantra some sweets, fruits, and other edibles.

Famous Varun Mantras for Peace and Prosperity

    1. Varuna Gayatri Mantra (वरुण गायत्री मंत्र)

ॐ जल बिम्बाय विद्महे नील पुरुषाय धीमहि तन्नो वरुण: प्रचोदयात् ll

Om Jala Bimbaya Vidmahe Neela Purushaya Vidmahe Tanno Varuna: Prachodaya ll

    1. Varuna Siddhi Mantra (वरुण सिद्धि मंत्र)

Varuna Siddhi Mantra Om Vam Varunaya Namah ll

  1. Varuna Riddhi Mantra (वरुण ऋद्धि मंत्र)

Om Dhuvasu twasu kshitisu kshiyantovya asmatpasham varuna mumochat avo vanvana adite rupastha dyuyam pata svastibhi: sada nah svah ll

Significance of Varun Yantra

  • It helps you to make the best decisions in your life.
  • Shri Yantra should be placed where there are water-related issues.
  • One can attain goals and prosper in life with the help of the Varun yantra.
  • The presence of the Shri Varun Yantra surrounds you with positive energy.

Why Buy Varun Yantra from Dharmsaar?

  • Good quality
  • Easy return policies
  • 100% original product
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