Multicolor Square Shape Shri Mangal Yantra, 4x4 Mangal Yantra Engraved Pure Copper Original for Health, Good Luck, and Wealth for Home Shop Business (Golden, 4X4)

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  • Premium Quality Multicolor Square Shri Mangal Yantra increases the attaining enlightenment of the Shree Mangal Yantra while reducing the negative consequences.
  • 4x4 Mangal Yantra Engraved Pure Copper Original solution assists the individual in becoming debt-free.
  • This Multicolor Square Shri Mangal Yantra aids in the protection of women’s pregnancies.
  • It aids in the search for a compatible partner and a happy marriage.
  • 4x4 Mangal Yantra Engraved Pure Copper helps the devotee through difficult times and grants a happy existence.
  • This yantra protects you from the negative consequences of Mars, such as injuries and accidents.
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Product Information

Mars is considered an unfavorable planet in Indian astrology. According to the Puranas, individuals who worship Mars will have their wishes granted. The planet Mars is mentioned in a number of ancient and legendary books. Mangal Yantra copper original is a collection of numbers that have the mystical power to eliminate the harmful effects of planet Mars from a person’s life.

How Do You Put the Shree Mangal Yantra in Your Home?

  •  Tuesday is a lucky day for Mangal Yantra installation.
  • Face the Shri Mangal Yantra east or north on a clean and sacred red fabric. 
  • In front of the yantra, light a ghee lamp and incense sticks. As prasad, you can serve sweets or dried fruits.
  • Clean the yantra with Ganga water or milk on a regular basis. 
  • Chant the Mangal bisa mantra in front of the yantra and the Mangal Yantra Mantra: kra Kri kraun kraun: bhoumay Namah 108 times with folded palms.

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