Stone Studded Brihaspati Yantra Gold Plated | Pukhraj Patthar Brihaspati Yantra For Men & Women | Yellow Saphire Stone Small Pendant

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Product Information
Yantra Material Gold Plated Metal
Stone Upratna
Color Golden
Dimensions 3cm x 1 cm x 0.3cm
Item Weight 4 grams
In Box 1 Unit Pukhraj Stone Studded Brihaspati Yantra
Manufacturer Dharmsaar
Country of Origin Bharat


Q. 1 Benefits of Brihaspati Yantra.

The Brihaspati Yantra is a powerful spiritual tool that can help attract wealth, success, and good fortune. By meditating on the yantra, you can tap into the positive energy of Jupiter, the planet associated with abundance and prosperity. Some of the benefits of using a Brihaspati Yantra include improved financial stability, enhanced wisdom and knowledge, and greater spiritual growth. With its gold plating and intricate design, the Brihaspati Yantra is not only a valuable tool for enhancing your spiritual practice but also a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear every day.

Q. 2 Brihaspati Yantra Ring Should be in Which Finger?

According to Vedic astrology, the Brihaspati Yantra ring should be worn on the index finger (also known as Jupiter's finger). This is because the index finger is associated with the planet Jupiter, which is the ruling planet of the Brihaspati Yantra. Wearing the ring on this finger can help attract the positive energy of Jupiter and enhance the benefits of the Yantra. It is also important to ensure that the ring fits comfortably on the finger and that the Yantra design is facing upwards towards the body. By wearing the Brihaspati Yantra ring on the correct finger, you can experience its powerful spiritual and material benefits.

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